On Site Plumbing Services – Event Water Supply

Event Water Services provide quality assured water supplies to festivals and events of all types & sizes across the UK and Europe,

Our on site plumbing services team deliver a clean, wholesome water supply via secure temporary water networks,  fed by the existing mains supply or by an alternative water supply, brought to site by drinking water tankers or water bowsers.

Event Water Services supply the complete package of water supply equipment needed to provide water in any event;  large capacity water storage tanks, small stand alone water supply tanks, standpipes, bottle refilling points, high capacity water pumps to pressurise the water supply, connections to any welfare or retail unit, inline water treatment plants, water tankers and water bowsers to deliver water direct to where it is required.

We also provide waste water systems together with waste water holding tanks, and are able to arrange for the removal of this waste from your site

On Site Plumbing Services – Water Supply Infrastructure

Event Water Services design, project manage and build the complete on site water supply installation.

We have our own fleet of delivery vehicles and are therefore not reliant on third party logistics that we have no control over. Therefore equipment arrives in time, every time. This is essential when the water supply installation has to be built within a tight timeframe.

Our experienced technicians take delivery of the equipment and begin building the water supply system, working closely with the event organiser to ensure that production schedules are met.

Once completed, the water supply network is then disinfected and tested prior to commissioning.

Alternative Water Supply - Temporary Plumbing Solutions

We Provide:

  • Water Storage Tanks
  • On site water treatment
  • Water testing
  • Water deliveries by water tanker and water bowser
  • Water supplies to Site Welfare Cabins
  • Water supply for toilets and showers
  • Connections to site welfare units, concessions, first aid posts
  • Chlorination services / disinfection of third party equipment/welfare units
  • Water Heaters
  • Sinks
  • Main arena water supplies
  • Public drinking water stations
  • Campsite water supply
  • Water supplies for crew and performers
  • Water bottle refilling points
  • Standpipes
  • Ballast water for stages & rides etc.
  • Water supplies for barriers

The above is by no means a definitive list of everything we provide, merely a guide. Each festival or event that we supply water to has its own unique set of circumstances and requirements. Event Water Services will provide a bespoke service to each and every one.