Event Water Supply Quality Assurance – Water Quality

To our many clients, we represent water quality at their event. Their concerns and liabilities of regarding the provision of a quality assured water supply are transferred to us.

We quality assure:

  • the source of the water supply
  • the transportation of the temporary water supply
  • all equipment used in the (design and) build of the water supply network
  • the water quality at each point of delivery

Our procedures are governed and guided by:

  • Our own internal Quality Management System
  • The Water Supply (Water Quality) Regulations 2000, as amended
  • The Private Water Supply Regulations 2009
  • BS8551:2011
  • WRAS

Event Water Services routinely take water tests from each water tanker, water bowser, water storage tank, standpipe, drinking water station etc. The tests are analysed by UKAS approved laboratories.