BS 8551:2011 - The Temporary Water Supply Standard

BS8551 is the code of practice that Liquiline Event Water Services abides by when providing temporary water supplies to festivals and events across the UK.

This standard defines the necessary points that need to be considered by anyone providing a quality assured temporary water supply.

BS 8551 should be adhered to when providing temporary water supply systems such as:

  • Building site welfare water supplies
  • Festival water supply
  • Event water supply
  • Holiday caravan/camp sites water supply
  • Water supplies for local government agencies
  • Water supplies for caterers

BS8551 provides best practice advice on how to install and manage each facet of a temporary water supply network (including water plan contingency plan) in order to ensure a clean, wholesome drinking water supply.

Regulatory Compliance

Liquiline will take on board the responsibility of full compliance to the Water Regulations, leaving you, the client to focus on delivering a memorable event for your customers. Failure to effectively plan for the provision of a safe quality assured drinking water supply for any event can have significant consequences for the organisers who could potentially face:

  • high risk of a cryptosporidium, E coli or campylobacter outbreak
  • notice and prosecution, followed by a civil action should anyone became ill
  • loss of reputation and or confidence
  • adverse media or social media coverage

The legislation which applies to the provision of temporary water supplies is The Private Water Supply Regulations 2009.