Onsite Water Treatment – Chlorination

Every piece of equipment used by Liquiline for the purpose of delivering, pumping, storing or dispensing a quality assured water supply to, and around your site will have been disinfected using the process of Chlorination.

Chlorination is the process of adding minute, controlled amounts of Chlorine to water, and is the process also used by water utility companies in the UK.

Chlorine is incredibly effective at preventing the spread of waterborne diseases as once introduced to the water supply it quickly kills harmful pathogens.

Design & Build Water Supply Solutions

Where Liquiline provides a design and build, managed water supply service, Chlorination units are deployed to ensure an uninterrupted supply of wholesome drinking water, which complies with water regulations and BS 8551.

Stand Alone Water Tanks – Drinking Stations

Where clients require individual, stand alone tank solutions to their water supply needs, Liquiline deploys water storage tanks and water pumps (and ancillaries) which are all subject to a full Chlorination regime, that forms part of our Quality Management System.