Water Pumps – Temporary Water Supplies

Event Water Services provide temporary water supplies to events and festivals across the UK. Water pumps are an integral part of this service as generally we deliver a bulk water supply into a water storage tank, which then feeds a water distribution network that we have built on site. Without a pump, there would be very little, or no water pressure.

We have a range of water pumps, most single or three phase electric pumps, some petrol engine powered.

They range greatly in size from small “on demand” pumps, to large volume, high capacity water pumps with 130m head (of pressure).

Each water tanker or water bowser that we deploy to site has its own dedicated water pump, and works independently for the onsite power supply.

Every water pump used by Liquiline Event Water Services is a drinking water pump, designed specifically to deliver drinking water direct into a tank or other point of use.